Intelligence Briefings

As you engage with enemy forces, you will arrive at decision making points.
Any wrong turn could be fatal not just to you but to the whole army.
A battle without casualties is possible, that is - with proper intel.
Intelligence briefings are prophetic revelations, interpretations and directions which address specific aspects of war in both personal and general warfare.
What's more interesting than knowing the enemy's battle plan ahead of time? What would it be like to never be taken by surprise?

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Territorial intel
Territorial Intel

If you want to fight for a territory, you have to know how to fight properly. And one important aspect of fighting properly, is fighting with the right information about the enemy and the area.

Church intel
Church Intel

With timely, relevant, and accurate, intelligence, the Church can be better equipped with the right strategies to fight her battles. This is what we provide here. Browse through to find the relevant info that the Church needs to know to fight her battles effectively and gain victories for her Lord.

Red alert
Red Alert

Here, we have warnings of imminent enemy attacks and impending danger. They are not to be taken lightly.
Read them. Heed them. Share them, so that you can save yourself, and perhaps, someone who will hear you.


Get updates about the happenings within the army. These are important briefings that tells you about issues, resolutions to issues, new policies and marching orders.

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Basic Training

This Regiment presents foundational knowledge and understanding that every soldier requires to function effectively. The Apostolic Christological Foundations cover the most essential topics that all soldiers should know if they wish to move up the ranks.

Ministry of the Saints

There is a form of service God created you to do. In this category, you will find out what these different services are and what part of God’s temple you are called to build. This way, you will learn to magnify your office and not despise any ministry gift (Romans 12).



The Lord has laws - and the enemy has tried to implement lawlessness.

We must all learn to be under the law.

What it means to be under the law - people that aren't under the law of God

It is from the law that you have understanding.

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Recruiters - Evangelistic Ministry

They preached the good news in that city and won a large number of disciples. Then they returned to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch, (Acts 14:21).
Learn marching orders for effective evangelism...

GAM Locked 6
Medical Corps - Pastoral Ministry

Who is a Pastor and what is the pastoral ministry? What qualities should a pastor possess? What is the role and purpose of the pastor? How can this ministry be effectively applied? Are there rewards?

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Drill Sergeants - Teaching Ministry

The things which you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit the same to faithful people, who will be able to teach others also . (2 Timothy 2:2).
Does having a teaching gift equal being a teacher in the five-fold ministry?

GAM Locked 8
Intelligence - Prophetic Ministry

How can you activate the Prophetic Ministry? Is there a difference between the Prophet (office of the prophet) and the gift of Prophecy? Are there false prophets and how can they be identified?

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Ambassadorial Corps - Apostolic Ministry

Apostolic from the word 'apostolos' means "Sent one." How can one identify an apostolic calling? Are there marks of an apostle? Is an apostle prohibited from getting married or working? How can the ministry be funded?

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