Foreign Wars

Awake or asleep, the stories of these soldiers will do a lot for you. Some of them will remind you of your past mistakes and poor choices as a soldier. Others will excite and motivate you, as you read about familiar circumstances and see yourself in the stories.


Small Scale Combat Operation

A small scale combat operation is not a trivial affair. They don’t have to do with wide territories, but these battles have significant impacts nevertheless.
Every soldier should be trained to take on small scale combat operations. 

Large Scale Combat Operation

Worldwide battles, outreaches, campaigns – basically anything that has to do with taking territories on a large scale must not be done casually. Every act of large scale warfare should be done intentionally, strategically and with adequate preparations.

Hostage Rescue Operations

Hostage rescue operations are special missions that involve delivering captives from the one who holds them in bondage. These kinds of operations can turn dangerous if not handled correctly. The captors may cause serious harm to, or kill the hostages.

Targeted Missions

Targeted Missions aren’t overly loud battles. In fact, they are usually subtle in nature, and require a good deal of skill and tact to obtain victory.
Every soldier is expected at some point to go on a targeted mission (whether alone, or with a partner).

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