ACF Basics

This Regiment presents foundational knowledge and understanding that every soldier requires to function effectively. The Apostolic Christological Foundations (drawn from Hebrews 6:1-2) cover the most essential topics that all soldiers should know if they wish to move up the ranks (mature).

The Basic Training Regiment also offers practical pointers on essential skills for military conduct and operations under the 'Utility Belt' heading: decrypting memos from Headquarters (Hearing God), prescribed conduct within the barracks (The Four Focuses of The Church), 'sodzo' and 'therapeuo' operations (Healing & Deliverance), and much more.

It is also essential that soldiers understand the nature of their military gear (the Armour of God), their artillery (Weapons of Spiritual Warfare), and how to use them effectively.

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Repentance from Deadworks
Repentance from Dead Works

Discover the true meaning of ‘repentance’, why we should repent, who needs to repent, the three phases of salvation, the meaning of ‘dead works’, and much more.

Faith Towards God
Faith Towards God

Faith is one of the most commonly misunderstood subjects in Christendom. Find out what faith really is – and what it isn’t. Draw wisdom from the scriptures on the reason for tests of faith, and learn about the purpose of our faith.

Doctrines of Baptisms
Doctrines of Baptisms

In Hebrews 6:2, this class is described as the doctrine of ‘baptisms’ – not the doctrine of ‘baptism’.  The Scriptures speak of different types of baptism – of water, the Holy Spirit, and even fire! 

Laying on of Hands
Laying on of Hands

Why do ministers lay hands on people and pray? Why does this practice exist in Christianity, and what is it for? What is its purpose? Good (or bad) spiritual content can be transferred through laying on of hands, and the ‘hands’ don’t need to be physical to get to you! 

Resurrection of the Dead
Resurrection of the Dead

Barely understood and largely ignored by the majority of the church today, the resurrection of the dead is the anchor of our hope in Christ. Discover the order in which the dead will be raised, the benefits of the ‘better’ resurrection, and how to qualify.

Eternal Judgement
Eternal Judgment

We all will appear before the judgment seat of Christ to receive our just rewards (2 Cor 5:10). What do the words ‘eternal’ and ‘judgment’ mean in the original languages of the Scriptures? 

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