Territorial Intel

If you want to fight for a territory, you have to know how to fight properly. And one important aspect of fighting properly, is fighting with the right information about the enemy and the area.
The lack of intelligence have cost many losses in wars. Intel provide situational awareness to both operations personnel and key leadership. Territorial Intel will provide data that are relevant to specific territories.
Browse through the lanes here carefully. There's likely some important info for a territory that concerns you.

Intel for Nigeria
Intel for Nigeria

You need important information about what to expect in Nigeria, and how to go to war for Nigeria. Many Nigerian Christians are fighting wrongly, and a lot more are asleep, unaware that there's even a battle!

International intel
International Intel

The whole earth is the Lord's, and He has a message for every nation of the earth. Don't just get your data from international news; get informed about what God says about the nations across the globe.

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