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Who We Are?

We are an inter-denominational Kingdom outpost for consolidating supplies and imparting strength to , soldiers, and supplies needed for the battles of God’s last day army. The body of Christ needs to be equipped and militarized to wage a good warfare, by having the truth conveyed in a form that it can be easily received and practically understood. War is upon us, and there is yet much territory to recover for the Kingdom of God (Joshua 13:1). The time for agrarian living, “sowing and reaping” and dwelling in peaceful complacency, is past; it is time for us to beat our farming implements instruments into weapons of war and take the land! (Joel 3:10)

We exist to be a beacon of hope and a source of encouragement to bring healing and restoration to soldiers who have been wounded in the war. Distressed, indebted, and discontented soldiers are welcome here, gathering to the Lord Jesus (our David) in this virtual Cave Adullam.

Our job is to prepare a military-minded company of people who will follow the Ziklag Protocol: pursue, overtake and recover all (1 Samuel 30:8).

The Commander of the Armies of Heaven has spoken – there’s territory to be taken!

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