Ministry of the Saints

When we hear the word ‘ministry’, what comes to mind typically, is the fivefold ministry. Many times, we cannot seem to fit into one of the folds, so we throw in the towel and conclude that we aren’t called by God into any form of service (which is what the word ‘ministry’ means). But what if we told you that there are other ministries apart from the fivefold contained in Ephesians 4:11? The five-fold ministry is not the only form of ministry available as the Lord puts an emphasis on [the service of] every member of His body.

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Prayer and Intercession

As an important support system in the Church, the ministry of intercession must be taught, understood, and carried out effectively if the army of God will succeed in its pursuit. So, join us as we delve into this ministry; discover if you have been called to intercession, and get the equipment you need to walk in it.


Service is a gift of ministry in the Body of Christ and just as important as any other ministry gift. Just like other ministries, the ministry of service has its ministry equipment. Scriptures say that we are to be prepared for every good work (2 Timothy 2:21) but how can you be prepared without the proper equipment and how do you know the proper equipment if you do not know what good work or service you have been called to do?


Throughout the scriptures, music played an integral part in God’s dealings with His people. From temple service to battle fronts, the music ministry has many times taken center stage. This makes one wonder about the power and place of music.


Encouragement? Now, what has this to do with ministry and service? A lot! For one, the ministry of encouragement is beyond telling people nice things to make them feel good. The Greek word translated as encouragement includes ‘exhortation’ and ‘motivation’.


Every Christian is expected to give, but there are some called specifically to give more than others. A major reason for the lack in the body of Christ is the absence of faithful men to carry out this ministry effectively.


When it comes to the gift/ministry or leading, there is the temptation to allude it solely to the fivefold ministries. However, remember that the Priests were not the only leaders. There were others who were leaders in their tribes or heads of their families. That said, what God-given traits should you look out for to know you are called to this service?


Most of us are familiar with Jesus’ sermon on the mount, ‘Blessed are the merciful for they will receive mercy” (Matthew 5:7). And this drives us to show mercy as much as we can. But did you know that there is such a ministry as the ministry of mercy and that there are people specifically gifted with the grace to show mercy?

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