Bible Study Tools That Will Change Your Life!

One little word can make a difference in how you understand the Bible.


This is possible when you see it in the context it was written, and how it applies to you today.
So, fall in line soldier, as we unravel amazing Bible Study tools that will transform your spiritual journey!

What Are Bible Study Tools, And Why Are They Necessary? #

Bible study tools are akin to the contents in your backpack during an exploration – they encompass an array of resources designed to enhance your understanding of the Bible’s teachings. These tools encompass a range of aids, from digital applications offering multiple translations and commentary insights, to concordances and cross-references that shed light on intricate word meanings and connections between verses.
Just as explorers equip themselves with maps, compasses, and guides to navigate new terrains, Bible study tools equip you to navigate the vast landscape of scripture. They empower you to delve deeper into the historical, linguistic, and cultural contexts, ultimately leading you to uncover the profound wisdom and insights hidden within the Scriptures.  These tools become invaluable companions that illuminate the path to a richer understanding of your faith.

Please Note: This is no attempt to put technology or tools over the work of the Holy Spirit!

Of course, the Holy Spirit is our ultimate teacher, and with or without tools, His river will flow in every believer’s life who make sits at His feet to learn. But as is often the case with many subjects (due to our hardened heart and low level of spiritual awareness, and perception), the Lord speaks to us through the agency of human beings, and we learn faster what we have seen done before.

As such, we can safely say that Bible study tools will make your learning curve faster, and provide guidance on how to handle the word of God with fewer bumps on the way. They include; Apps, Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, etc.

What Are The Guiding Principles To Note When Using A Bible Study Tool? #

Now that we have settled on what Bible Study Tools are, let us look at the guiding principles that should guide you when you use them. Because much like other creations by humans, they can be coloured by the author’s perception, doctrinal understanding, and beliefs. So, you must put certain things in place, you do not end up being led by the doctrines of men rather than the doctrines of God.
You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said: “‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’”
Matthew 15: 7 – 9
Jesus described the teachings of the Pharisees as yeast – a rising agent, that creates a puff, a false impression, and colloquially we can say, defiling or creating a mixture to that which is pure.
So you see that it is important to have filters, and not hold onto anything until you see evidence in the word of God, and even hear sound teachers to guide you. Ultimately, ask the Lord to guide you. He will do so.

Some Bible Study Tools That Will Change Your Life #

Having laid the foundation above, let us look at some Bible study Tools that will prove helpful to you in your journey with God.

Here they are:

1. Digital Bibles and Bible Apps #

With digital Bibles, you have the words of God near you literally all the time! Isn’t that amazing? That means you can hear his voice all the time! In fact, the best way to describe these Apps are that you can have a library of books all in your pocket.
There are options for when you want to take a break from reading – listen to the audio Bible. It can keep you company when you are on the road, in a bus, doing chores, or just unwinding at home.
Digital Bibles also present the word of God in different languages and translations. We have more written on the difference between a Bible Translation and a paraphrase. Read our SOP on How To Study Your Bible Properly for more of that.
Step into the digital age with an entire library at your fingertips.

2. Concordances and Cross-References #

As you read or study the Bible, you will come across verses that will make you think, “What did that word really mean?” That’s where concordances come in. They break down each word’s meaning and usage, while cross-references connect the dots across the Bible, giving you a fuller picture of the message.
There are tons of concordances out there. We will talk about these and more in subsequent writings.

3. Commentaries and Study Bibles #

Commentaries offer in-depth explanations and historical context, while study Bibles provide helpful notes to guide you through passages. It’s like having a friendly theologian to discuss every chapter with! But always remember we gave earlier. As much as possible, refer to them as a last resort, after personal studies.

4. Biblical Dictionaries and Encyclopedias #

When it comes to biblical terms and definitions, Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedia can help you understand words or concepts. Turn to biblical dictionaries for crystal-clear definitions. And if you’re curious about the cultural and historical backdrop of a verse, biblical encyclopedias will be your best friends.

5. Online Study Platforms #

Online communities such as this one will benefit your spiritual life greatly. You will get fellowship, have discussions, and most importantly counsel on the difficult situations you would dare not mention otherwise. You can get started here.

6. Original Language Study Tool #

If you to get into the nitty-gritty of original languages, tools like lexicons and interlinear Bibles are your ticket to understanding the nuances of the Hebrew and Greek texts. They sure will prove very helpful in understanding new concepts and learning new things.

7. Devotional and Journaling Tools #

Sometimes, you just need a daily dose of inspiration. Devotional tools offer short readings and reflections while journaling apps help you reflect and apply what you’ve learned in your daily life. Read our article on How To Study Your Bible Properly on how to use devotionals for maximum benefit.

8. Scripture Memory Apps #

A very important command God has given us is that we should bind His words on our hands, the doorpost of our house, etc. (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). You can imprint the words of God daily on your heart with the help of Bible memorization Apps. They’ll help you commit verses to memory, and before you know it, you’ll be carrying God’s Word in your heart wherever you go.

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Get Started #

Are you ready to get started soldier?
You can mix and match these Bible study tools to suit your preferences and learning style. Whether you’re a tech-savvy soul or a cozy bookworm, there’s a tool waiting to guide you deeper into the Word.
Make the most of these incredible resources, connecting with God and fellow believers in new and exciting ways. Brace yourself – because with these tools in hand, your spiritual journey is about to get even more enriching and fulfilling than ever before. Happy studying!

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