Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

From Adam, a constant battle has raged on – the battle between good and evil. God demands obedience in all circumstances, and satan fights that actively. His primary goal is to create distrust in God’s intention, and consequently, plant seeds of rebellion that will lead only to destruction. To accomplish this, he fans the flames of the desires that emanate from our flesh – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life (1 John 2:15-17).

No one is spared from this assault – individuals, churches, and the world at large.

In this SOP, we will consider the concept of spiritual warfare, the enemies you will encounter, the battlegrounds, the right weapons for each circumstance, and how to stay victorious always.

1. What Is Spiritual Warfare? #

The Bible points to the existence of an unseen realm where God and other beings (good and bad) dwell. This is the spirit realm. It is where decisions are made before they manifest physically. This is part of what the Bible means when it says that by faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. (Hebrews 11:3).

On this note, a simple way to define spiritual warfare is the war, struggle, and contention that happens in the unseen realm. It has an Earthly and heavenly dimension to it, which we will discuss later in this SOP. Basically, it is the fight to belief- the fight of faith, and it is won through obedience.

2. Why Engage In Spiritual Warfare? #

Every person on Earth is influenced by the spirit realm in one way or the other, negatively or positively. It is wisdom to get trained, learn how to use the right weapons, and go to war. Here are some reasons why you should engage in spiritual warfare:

a.The Earth is ground zero for God’s kingdom (Matthew 5:5, 6:10). The enemy has invaded and occupied the territory, causing men to go against God’s will. We must do our part to build on what Jesus has done.

  1. Our God is a God of war (Isaiah 8:13), and we are to be like Him – conquerors (Judges 3:1-2, Psalm 18:34-35, Numbers 14:9).
  2. There are giants in our Promised Land; giants of laziness, complacency, pride, etc. Like the Israelites, we must fight for our promised land – our redeemed bodies (Link To SOP on ACF ROTD)
  3. Fighting the king’s battles is a prerequisite for having a distinguished position in the Kingdom of Heaven (Acts 14:22, 2 Timothy 2:12, 4:7 & 8 ).
  4. Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan; we are to ride on that victory (1 John 3:8, John 14:30)
  5. Trials & Suffering produce God’s character in us, which qualifies us for the kingdom of God. it is only then that we can manage the authority God will give us (Romans 5:3-5, James 1:2-4)
  6. It is through faith & patience we inherit the kingdom (Hebrews 6:12-14, Matthew 24:13)
  7. If we suffer with Christ, we are joint heirs with Him (Romans 8:17). We are to fulfill His calling of bringing many sons unto righteousness (Hebrews 2:10). We must fight until we overcome evil with good. Then, our light will shine forth for all to see and imitate (Isaiah 2:1-3, Micah 4:2)

i.The devil, who is the god of this world who has not yet been locked up (Rev. 20:1-3). He goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour (1 Peter 5:8). He is always accusing (Rev. 12:10). Therefore, we must always stand on our guard.

3. Where Does Spiritual Warfare Happen? #

Though spiritual warfare happens in the spirit realm between the forces of darkness and those of light, manifestations are seen on earth.

Humans have a role to play in prayer(Matthew 6:10), response to events (Philippians 2:14 & 15, Luke 13:1-5), relationship with one another, and authority (Romans 13:1-7). Every act on Earth contributes to either the side of light or darkness.

Therefore, let’s look at the places where you will encounter intense warfare, so you will not be taken unawares. There are:

-The Battlefield of the mind (operational in individuals)

-The Battlefield of the Church

-The Battlefield of the World

The mind is the primary battlefield, because as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). Whole people groups can enable the devil because of the predominant thinking pattern or cultural value (See Titus 1:12).

In the same vein, the Church has specific enemies that come against it; things like false religion (hypocrisy), witchcraft, unbelief and false teachings.

On its own, the world is full of a lot of distractions; things to look at, admire & desire (lust of the eyes), things that bring pleasure to our body and sense (lust of the flesh); things that give us a sense of importance and relevance (pride of life).

We will go on to look at how to fight each of these enemies.

4. How Should You Engage in Spiritual Warfare? #

You fight spiritual warfare with understanding and not presumption or you will get into trouble. Our duty is to fight on the Earth, and not attack heavenly beings directly through our speech or actions (Read The SOP on The Kingdom Of God for more details). You fight based on:

  • The Word of God


  • In obedience to the Holy Spirit per time

There are general principles that guide every battle. The Bible provides these general principles. However, though similar, no two spiritual battles are the same. This is where a viable relationship with the Holy Spirit comes in handy. He has the role of teaching you whatever is required per time. For instance, you may cast out a demon just by playing a song glorifying God or by rebuking it directly. It is as the Spirit leads, and gives utterance.

The weapons to fight with is also determined by the battlefield and the nature of the operation – a subterfuge or an open battle. For instance, a battle in the mind is fought by a deliberate process of renewal of the mind with the word of God as one would take prescription tablets. In the same way, you may approach a battle subtly or overtly (Joshua 8, Matthew 10:16). The wisdom of the serpent is its hiddenness. As you follow God, He will direct you on what to do.

Read the SOPs on weapons of Spiritual Warfare



-The Armour of God



-Fruits of the Spirits

See also the SOP on War Aids – gifts of the spirit.

5. Who Should Fight Spiritual Warfare? #

Every believer should be involved in spiritual warfare. However, the reality is that those who move on to being disciples are the ones who engage in spiritual warfare. This is because being a soldier comes with hardship, and not many are willing to endure that.

But you, o soldier of the cross must be willing and ready to endure hardships in whatever way they will come. As you carry the Lord’s burdens and fight His battles, He takes care of yours (2 Timothy 2: 1-6).

6. Other Things To Note About Spiritual Warfare #

This SOP though detailed is not exhaustive of the things you need to know on this subject. You have to go through the resources for further learning. But here are some points, mentioned lightly that will help you as well:

¶There are different kinds of warfare;

-Terrestrial Warfare

-Warfare in the Heavens

In this age, we are mandated to engage in terrestrial (earth-bound) warfare directly while we take on warfare in the heavenlies indirectly.

For the latter, except God expressly says to go mentioning names of ruling spirits & principalities, pray to God instead. He will send His angels to handle it (Revelations 12:7.  The Heavens are the Lord’s but the Earth he has given to the sons of men (Psalm 115:16).  All Scriptures are given for learning; follow Daniel’s example. He prayed and repented, and that brought forth answers. He was not involved in the raging warfare in the heavenlies (Daniel 10).

Demons and unclean spirits are on the Earth while the ruling spirits are in the heavenly realm. Focus on casting out demons and other spirits that harass men on the Earth just as Jesus said in  Luke 10:19; Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Snakes and scorpions are earthbound and not in the heavenly realms. See also Mark 16:17 & 18.

¶Things that Ensure Defeat:

-Sin: Joshua 7

-Unconfessed Sin: 1 John 5:16

– Presumptuous actions: Acts 19:11-20

¶Warfare can be within or without.

-Read Battlefront reports on External Warfare (insert link) or internal warfare (insert link for insurrections)

Resources For Further Learning #


∆Needless Casualties of Warfare by John Paul Jackson

∆The Three Battlefield by Francis Frangipane


∆The Triumphant Church by Kenneth Hagin


∆Prepare For War by Rebecca Brown



Spiritual Warfare  series:

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° War Against Witchcraft: The Ultimate Counter-Weapon (Part 2)


° The Power of Listening: Abrahamic Wisdom (Part 1) https://g-lh.org/messages/a-the-power-of-listening-abrahamic-wisdom/

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1.GAMKA Series on Spiritual Warfare

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∆Spiritual Warfare: God’s Master Plan from Jesus to Moses



  • All kinds of prayer 2



  • Types of Prayer: Prayer of Supplication



  • The Church: The Local & Global Assembly


Part 2(a) https://youtu.be/3r5O3U9QXhw

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  1. Ita Udoh: How To Bind Rulers & Princes


2.Isiaha Saldivar on Self Deliverance: https://youtu.be/etDz0FW_Pl8


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  • Two-faced: A testimony on Deliverance


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